Creative Game Literacy. A Study of Interactive Media Based on Film Literacy




Videogames, film, literacy, creativity, media, interactivity, edutainment, entertainment


In this study we have analysed the current state of media literacy focusing on the game and film art forms. We aim to discover if some problems found throughout the history of film literacy were also occurring in game literacy research. It is also our intention to bring both visions together in order to get the attention of people working in the gaming field. To do this we have studied the cultural and creative dimensions in game literacy. The study is defined culturally by educational and critical approaches, and creatively by design and programming. The study also takes into account film literacy perspectives. We found that game literacy has a strong bias towards the cultural rather than the educational approach. The critical component might face the same problems that occur in film literacy studies. In terms of the creative dimension, we found a lack of investment in and support for research in design and programming practices. In conclusion we believe more interest needs to be generated in game literacy and that the literacy perspective based on creative design and programming with an emphasis on communication instead of education should be the model to follow..