Learning Lives Connected: Digital Youth across School and Community Spaces


  • Alfredo Mendoza González Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
  • Alfredo Erstad
  • Øystein Gilje
  • Hans Christian Arnseth




Learning lives, learning trajectories, school, community, connections, identity, ethnography, social networks


Whereas most studies of learning explore intra-institutional experiences, our interest is to track individual learning trajectories across domains. Research on young people’s use of different media outside schools shows how practices of using digital media are different from practices in schools in both form and content. The major challenge today, however, is to find ways of understanding the interconnections and networking between these two lifeworlds as experienced by young people. Important elements here are adapted concepts like context, trajectories and identity related to activity networks. We will present data from the ongoing «learning lives project» in a multicultural community in Oslo. We will especially focus on students of Media and Communication studies at upper secondary school level. Using an ethnographic approach we will focus on how learners’ identities are constructed and negotiated across different kinds of learning relationships. The data will consist of both researcher-generated data (interviews, video-observations, field notes) and informant-generated data (photos, diaries, maps)..