The e-Research on Media & Communications: Attitudes, Tools and Practices in Latin America Researchers


  • Antoni Santisteban Fernández Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Antoni Arcila
  • María Díez Bedmar Universidad de Jaén
  • José Luis Piñuel
  • Jordi Castellví Mata Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Mabel Calderín



e-Research, e-Science, Science 2.0, communication, research, scientific collaboration, ICTs


e-Research is changing practices and dynamics in social research by the incorporation of advanced e-tools to process data and increase scientific collaboration. Previous research shows a positive attitude of investigators through e-Re­search and shows a fast incorporation of e-Tools, in despite of many cultural resistances to the change. This paper examines the current state (attitudes, tools and practices) of e-Research in the field of Media and Communication Studies in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. A total of 316 researchers of the region answered an online survey during the last 2 months of 2011. Findings confirm an optimistic attitude through e-Research and an often use of e-Tools to do research. Even though, most of them informed to use basic e-Tools (e.g. e-mail, commercial videoconference, office software and social networks) instead of advanced technologies to process huge amount of data (e.g. Grid, simulation software and Internet2) or the incorporation to Virtual Research Communities. Some of the researchers said that they had an «intensive» (31%) and «often» (53%) use of e-Tools, but only 22% stated that their computer capacity was not enough to manage and process data. The paper evidences the gap between e-Research in Communications and e-Research in other disciplines; and makes recommendations for its implementation..