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«Comunicar» is a bilingual Spanish and English journal, with Chinese abstracts.

Articles, authors and topics have a decidedly international and Latin American outlook.

The journal is now in its 21st year and has published 1596 research and studies articles.

The journal appears in 241 international databases, journal impact assessment platforms, selected directories, specialized portals and hemerographic catalogues…

A rigorous and transparent, blind reviewing system manuscripts audited in RECYT. It has an international scientific editorial board and a broad network of more than 300 reviewers from all over the world.

Professional management of manuscripts via the OJS platform from the Science and Technology Foundation, with ethical commitments published for the scientific community that ensure transparency and timeliness, antiplagiarism (CrossCheck), reviewing system…

It is a highly visible publication available through numerous search engines, dynamic pdfs, EPUB, DOIs, ORCID… with connections to Mendeley, RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero and scientific social networks like ResearchGate & Academia.Edu

A specialized journal in educommunication: communication and education, ICT, audiences, new languages…; there are special monographic editions on the most up-to-date topics.

It has a printed and an online digital edition. The entire digital version can be freely accessed.

It is co-edited in Spain for Europe, and in Ecuador and Chile for Latin America. The journal is edited by Comunicar, a private, professional non-profit association specialized in educommunication in Spain, collaborating closely with multiple institutions and international universities.

«Comunicar» is the top Spanish journal in JCR (Communication) and the second Spanish journal in JCR (Education), 2014. It is the top Spanish journal in Scopus as regards Communication (unique Q2) and Q3 in Education, a RECYT Excellence Journal (2013/2016) and also included in ERIH and in the most prestigious international databases.

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