Educative TV or TV-sitter?: attitudes towards the current TV




Television, education, babysitter, entertainment, criticism, family


Television is an important part of our daily life. TV has become «one of the family» and we cannot imagine our homes without one, two or even several TV sets. This situation of privilege in our families may turn into a double-edged sword: depending on the use given it may determine the people development and even manipulate the youngest ones if it is not used correctly. Making all the viewers –and especially the most vulnerable ones, the children- aware of the need for the use of TV from a critical and responsible point of view is a common task for all of us, family, school and society. And the fact is that we cannot only use the media passively, but in a dynamic and active way..



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Ruiz-Trujillo, A., & Vázquez, R. Ángela. (2008). Educative TV or TV-sitter?: attitudes towards the current TV. Comunicar, 16(31).

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