Teacher training about communication and information technologies



Formation, communication technologies (CIT), curriculum, teaching training, learning


This paper tries to show a present vision in teacher´s training based on communication and information technologies (CIT) and to present an example of how a diagnostic questionnaire is drawn up to detect teachers-to-be´s needs and knowledge in different subjects. The useful aspects of these technologies are evident. That´s why the future teacher needs to have a knowledge of critical aspects and to show their advantages and disadvantages, because the communication and information technologies are not only a simple didactic tool, but also resources to learn, which help the teaching process for the teacher and the learning process for the student..



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Hinojo, F. J., & López, J. A. (2004). Teacher training about communication and information technologies. Comunicar, 12(23), 160–165. Retrieved from https://www.revistacomunicar.com/ojs/index.php/comunicar/article/view/C23-2004-26



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