The public pedagogy of television advertising: a way of didactic appropiation


  • Virginia Silvina Funes


Televisión, advertising, consumption, advertising corpus, didactic application, critical reading


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the theoretical background of an analysis practice as well as to design such practice for a didactic application aimed at a corpus of television advertisements addressed to the general public. Although the teaching practice to be described is intended to be introduced in an Audio-visual Communication Teaching Program, it could be developed (with necessary adjustments) in other educational levels and contexts. One of the main guiding principles of our educational project is to hire teachers who will be able to acquire critical analysis tools in terms of audio-visual media. Then, it seems necessary to carry out an audio-visual literacy process as the basis of their education as professionals in the field of Audio-visual Communication. Indeed, being able to perfom such analysis is an essential requirement to then incorporate the media into their practice in a critical way..



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