Study on the Use of ICTs as Teaching Tools by University Instructors



Higher Education, teaching training, communication technologies, university teaching, institutional changing


The learning environment at the university stage which provides the Bologna Declaration has long indicated the need for major changes, among others, in the teaching methodology and teaching resources used by the university teachers. With this work, we aim to demonstrate some of the results achieved from the implementation of a National Research Project that has been carried out by four Spanish Universities. The objectives of the project aim to describe, through an exploratory study, the methodological situation in which our universities are highlighting their strengths and weaknesses based on the premises of the European Higher Education to suggest some strategies in order to facilitate the necessary adaptation. The methodology followed by implementing a questionnaire focused on concrete analysis of the dimension of the Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICT) reflects the view of university teachers and through the analysis of results allows confirming the need for adaptation by the universities for the implementation, with guarantees of the mentioned education reform. This article also presents several conclusions and suggestions for educational improvement focused on teaching and methodological training in the use of teaching tools that can promote the suggestions provided by the European Higher Education using ICT, as for example those offered by Web 2.0..



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Tarango, J., Guerra, J., González-Quiñones, F., González, N., Morales-Ángel, E., & García-Ruiz, R. (2010). Study on the Use of ICTs as Teaching Tools by University Instructors. Comunicar, 18(35), 141–148. Retrieved from