Psychopedagogical Orientation, education and television


  • Manuel Monescillo


Psychopedagogical Orientation, tutorial, mass media, television.


The Psychopedagogical Orientation helps persons to acquire the elementary competences they need to be rational and critical consumers of the multivarious audiovisual messages that are transmitted through the different televisions. The tutorial action, considered like intentional, planned and preventive task, implies individuals and groups in experiences that progressively are permitting that the subjects conformed an equilibrated scale of values and a consistent autonomy that give them maturity to make the more appropriate and reasonable decisions. In this sense, this is able to prepare and improve the person, especially younger people, to live together with the harassing TV and, at the same time, to use the messages to get information and leisure -without becoming manipulated- and to talk correctly and of creative utilizing their own codes..



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