Televisión abuse on our students´s side: how, when and why



Television, education, comunication.


The abuse of over watching Television by our alumnae is a fact that worries all the educational community. Every day, the teachers observe how the alumnae, at all educational levels, follow patterns of behaviour, keeping values and reproducing roles that have been seen and defended by our television stations. This abuse leads to a series of implications, not only in the educational area, but in the family circle as well, in relational and social aspects. Our aim is to know the negative influence of this phenomena on a particular population, and to contrast the results with other investigations developed in other contexts. This study was initiated on a group of alumnae form the 2º term of primary education, in the province of Huelva. The principal objective consisted of deepening the awareness in the world of our pupils: questioning the use of their free time and knowing their habits and behaviour. Finding out the amount of time they dedicate to watching television, where they watch it, with whom and why it attracts them so enormously. First of all, the qualities presented on television to attract the infant population was analysed, afterwards a sample of the studied population was selected, specifying the context where it was to be taken and the characteristics of the area, its educational centres and studied alumnae. Later, it was selected the instruments of data collected, among them, the questionnaire. Finally, study implications to determine the given conclusions were obtained..



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