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Enough he has written himself on the television consumption during the infancy and adolescence. Nevertheless, overcome the threshold of the adult age, The topic loses interest. Evidently, the young men present circumstances different well from the children. The first one and more importantly it is that the young men already possess the sufficient maturity and criterion to be able to interpret the messages that come to him for television, since already they are adult persons who have the sufficient formation how to be able to face without problems the audio-visual contents. In any case, yes that continues being interesting to know which is the consumption of these university young men and which are the tastes most generalized in this public. This article offers the result of an investigation among pupils of the University of Malaga , that is to say, between university young men proceeding from Malaga , from other many Spanish provinces and from different European countries (pupils who are in this university for a scholarship Erasmus). It treats itself of a generation who has been growing with the television and who, from very small, they were enjoying the way in his moments of leisure. That is to say, the study has been done among persons who are doing top studies in Spain and who, besides this formation, count already with years of experience as television hearing. Hereby, we will know the number of daily hours that are in the habit of dedicating to seeing television, in what moment of the day, which they are his chains and favorite programs, as well as his valuation on the principal television contents. In the same line, we will know the principal reasons of election of programs. We can affirm that the university young men select the channel that they are going to see, not so much for the chain in yes and the image that they have of her, but rather for the program that is expressed and his contents. The favorite programs are those of amusement. For it, magazines are at the head of his preferences. In the same line, the programs with content ironic and humorous, included some contents of named «garbage», they are between most seen by the university young men. The informative ones also are favorite.



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Almansa-Martínez, A. (2005). Consumption of television among youngsters at University. [Consumo de televisión entre los jóvenes universitarios]. Comunicar, 25. https://doi.org/10.3916/C25-2005-068



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