"Comunicar" bases its process and quality on a broad international scientific community that endorses and supports it with a large group of researchers, academics from the world of communication and education, who guarantee support for their work in favor of innovation and the scientific advance in the field of Educommunication. Its organizational structure is made up of an Editors Council made up of Chief Editor, Assistant Editors, Thematic Editors and International Co-Editors; as well as an extensive Scientific Committee, International Review Board, and finally its Technical Board.


Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Dr. Ignacio Aguaded

Dr. Ignacio Aguaded, University of Huelva (Spain).

Full Professor of Education and Communication at the Universidad de Huelva. He is president of Grupo Comunicar, a long-standing Media Literacy collective in Spain. He is also head of the Agora investigation team that forms part of the Andalusia Investigation Plan (HUM-648), Director of the International Master of Communication and Education (UNIA / UHU) and coordinator UHU Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Communication (U.S., UMA, UCA, UHU).

Assistant Editors

Dr. Rosa García-Ruiz

Dr. Rosa García-Ruiz, University of Cantabria (Spain).

Professor, University of Cantabria, within the catchment area of Didactics and School Organization. PhD in Education from UNED. Research interests: media literacy, teaching methods, training needs and design training plans.

Dr. Rafael Repiso-Caballero

Dr. Rafael Repiso-Caballero, International University of La Rioja (Spain).

Content Analysis Professor at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). PhD in Information Science. Master in Information and Communication Science. Founding member of the Spin Off EC3metrics. Member of EC3 research group at the University of Granada.

Dr. Amor Pérez-Rodríguez

Dr. Amor Pérez-Rodríguez, Universtiy of Huelva (Spain).

Full Professor of University in the Department of Philology at the University of Huelva. Diploma in Teaching and Degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Seville. PhD in Humanities from the University of Huelva. Lines of research: media competence and new languages of communication and didactics of language and literature.

Dr. Ana Pérez-Escoda

Dr. Ana Pérez-Escoda, International University of La Rioja (Spain).

Professor in International University of La Rioja (UNIR) in the Department of Didactics, Technology Specialist. PhD in Education in the University of Salamanca. Teachers Training and Innovation Coordinator in the Pontifical Unversity of Salamanca. Research interests: digital skills, digital literacy and media literacy. Master degree in ICT in Education: Analysis and Design in teaching sources at the University of Salamanca.

Dr. Luis Miguel Romero-Rodríguez

Dr. Luis Miguel Romero-Rodríguez, Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain).

PhD in Communication Studies, concentration in Educommunication and Media Literacy from Universitie of Huelva (Spain). MA in Social Communications from Almeria University (Spain). Graduate Certificate in Teaching from Nueva Esparta University (Venezuela). Graduate Diploma in International Laws and Politics from the Central University of Venezuela. Bachelor of Arts Major Concentration in Journalism and Bachelor of Laws from Santa Maria University (Venezuela). Founder and Vice-president of Alfamed.

Dr. Ángel Hernando-Gómez

Dr. Ángel Hernando-Gómez, University of Huelva (Spain).

Professor of the University in the Department of Social, Evolutionary and Educational Psychology of the University of Huelva. Diploma in Teaching and Bachelor in Psychology and Psychopedagogy. Doctor in Psychology from the University of Huelva. Lines of research: media competence, promotion of positive adolescent development and prevention of violence in relationships.

Mrs. Arantxa Vizcaíno-Verdú

Mrs. Arantxa Vizcaíno-Verdú, University of Huelva (Spain).

Doctorate in Communication in the line of Educommunication and Media Literacy. Master in Communication and Audiovisual Education by the University of Huelva and Degree in Advertising and Public Relations by the University of Alicante. Research collaborator of the Ágora Group (UHU). Member of the Alfamed Young Network.

Dr. Águeda Delgado-Ponce

Dr. Águeda Delgado-Ponce, Junta de Andalucía (Spain).

Research Professor at the Ágora Research Group of the University of Huelva. Doctor by the University of Huelva, Master in European Literature and Language Teaching and Master in Communication and Audiovisual Education. Líneas de investigación: media competence and new communication languages.

Thematic Editors «Comunicar 62»

 Mercedes González-Sanmamed

Mercedes González-Sanmamed, University of A Coruña (Spain).

Full professor at the University of A Coruña (UDC), Spain. She obtained Extraordinary Awards both at the Ph.D. and the B.A levels. She leads the EIRA research group. Her research interests are focused on teacher training, integration of ICT in Education as well as innovation and educational improvement.

 Albert Sangrà

Albert Sangrà, Open University of Catalonia (Spain).

Professor and researcher at the Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. He is currently the Director for the UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change at this university. Member of his university’s founding team (1994-95), he has also served as the director of the eLearn Center.

 Insung Jung

Insung Jung, International Christian University de Tokyo (Japan).

Professor of Education, Media & Society at the International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, Japan. She has been professor at the Korean Open University, the premier Korean distance learning university, and director of the Multimedia Education Center at the Ewha Women’s University in Seoul.

Internacional Coeditors

MBA. Laura Elena Morales Garza

MBA. Laura Elena Morales Garza, ITESM (Mexico).

Born in Mexico City, where she majored in Clinical Psychology. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics in English, and has developed in the areas of psychology, as English teacher and as official translator in the last 39 years. At Tecnológico de Monterrey she has developed in different areas, being the Languages Director for 12 years.

Dr. Yuechuan Ke (柯粤川)

Dr. Yuechuan Ke (柯粤川), University of Southern California (United States).

The US based film director and media producer, Yuechuan Ke is also an active, independent scholar interested in cognitive studies about the moving images, as well as emerging technologies and applications to the evolving film and new media industry. He is a dedicated advocator to academia exchange, particularly that between China and a broader world of diversity, by means of quality communication rather than one-way dissemination. Yuechuan Ke is an appointed speaker for multiple academic institutes in China.

Dr. Alice Y. L. Lee (李月蓮)

Dr. Alice Y. L. Lee (李月蓮), Hong Kong Baptist University (China).

Dr. Alice Y. L. Lee is the Head of the Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests include media education, online news media, media and information literacy (MIL) and Net Generation. She is the vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Association of Media Education and serves as the Associate Director of the Media Literacy Research Foundation Academic Committee, China Radio and Television Association, China.

Mrs. Meng Shen

Mrs. Meng Shen, University of Valencia (Spain).

PhD Candidate in Education at the University of Valencia. Degree in Hispanic Philology. Research collaborator in the Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education at the University of Valencia. Intercultural mediator and teacher in Infant and Primary Education. Her lines of research are linked to intercultural education and educational evaluation.

Dr. Abel Suing

Dr. Abel Suing, Private Technical University of Loja (Ecuador).

Economist and Doctor in Communication, teacher and researcher of the Department of Communication of the Technical University Particular of Loja where currently coordinates the Degree of Communication. Research lines: Television, Communication Policies, Higher Education. Address: Department of Communication Sciences. Private Technical University of Loja.

Advisory Board

Dr. Ismar de Oliveira Soares

Dr. Ismar de Oliveira Soares, University of São Paulo (Brazil).

Professor at the Universidade de São Paulo, where he is coordinator of the Communication and Education Nucleus (www.usp.br/nce) and the Bachelor Degree programme in Educommunication (www.cca.eca.usp.br). He is a journalist on the Comunicação & Educação journal.

Dr. Miguel de Aguilera Moyano

Dr. Miguel de Aguilera Moyano, University of Malaga (Spain).

He has a PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is professor of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity at the Universidad de Málaga. He specializes in researching popular culture and its adherents, including its various phenomena (videogames, music, new media and audiovisual innovation), as well as institutional communication and communication for health.

Dr. Guillermo Orozco

Dr. Guillermo Orozco, University of Guadalajara (Mexico).

He has a PhD in Education from Harvard University, USA. He is a research professor at the Department of Social Communication Studies of the Universidad de Guadalajara, and has been UNESCO professor of Social Communication at the Universidad Javeriana of Colombia (1996) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2000). His research interests include: reception of the media and media literacy, and observation of fiction on TV.

Dr. Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel

Dr. Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel, University of Seville (Spain).

Professor of Literature and Communication at the Universidad de Sevilla, he heads a group researching the Theory and Technology of Communication. He is honorary president of the Academy of Fine Arts of Granada and editor-in-chief of Estudios sobre el discurso, a journal of the Spanish Association of Communication Research.

Dr. Cecilia Von Feilitzen

Dr. Cecilia Von Feilitzen, Södertörn University (Sweden).

Professor and Doctor of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Södertörn. She is scientific coordinator of the International Repository of Children, Young People and the Media of Nordicom, at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. A media researcher since 1964, she has published some 250 reports, articles and books, many of which deal with children, young people and the media.

Dr. Joan Ferrés i Prats

Dr. Joan Ferrés i Prats, University Pompeu Fabra (Spain).

He holds a PhD and Master in Information Sciences, and is professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra where he specializes in Audiovisual Communication and Education. He works in the field of audiovisual and emotional competence, and in the search for a new style of cultural and educational communication.

Dr. Agustín García Matilla

Dr. Agustín García Matilla, University of Valladolid (Spain).

Professor and coordinator of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity at the Universidad de Valladolid. He has lectured and researched at three Spanish universities: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the National University of Distance Education (UNED).

Dr. Cristina Ponte

Dr. Cristina Ponte, New University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade NOVA, Lisbon and an integrated member of its Institute of Communication (ICNOVA). She has been coordinating the Portuguese team of EU Kids Online since its launch in 2006 and has worked with Latin America Kids Online and Global Kids Online, coordinated by UNICEF and Sonia Livingstone (LSE). Her main research interests include relations between media and generations, focusing on children and youth and their family environments.

Dr. Pier Cesare Rivoltella

Dr. Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Catholic University of Milan (Italy).

Professor of Educational Technology at the Universitá Cattolica di Milano. He is president of CREMIT, the research centre where he investigates educational technology and media literacy. He is also president of SIREM (the Italian Scientific Society of Media and Education) and is editor-in-chief of the journal REM-investigation in Education and Media.

Dr. Javier Marzal Felici

Dr. Javier Marzal Felici, Jaume I University (Spain).

Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity at the Universitat Jaume I, he is currently director of the Department of Communication Sciences and co-director of a Master course in New Tendencies and Processes of Innovation in Communication. He heads the research group investigating Applied Technologies in Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Jaume I.

Dr. Francisco García García

Dr. Francisco García García, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has been director of the National Centre of Information and Communication and Education at the Ministry of Education and Science, and president of the IberoAmerican Association of Educational Television (ATEI). He is editor of the Icono 14 journal.

Dr. Alberto Parola

Dr. Alberto Parola, University of Turin (Italy).

Assistant Professor of Educational research at the Department of Education and Learning Sciences, University of Turin (from November 2002 up to now). His main research areas include Media Education, Psycho-Educational Technology approach, Qualitative research Methods in Education.

Dr. Teresa Quiroz

Dr. Teresa Quiroz, University of Lima (Peru).

She has a PhD in Sociology from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. She is professor and head researcher at the Faculty of Communication of the Universidad de Lima. She is currently director of the Institute of Scientific Investigation at the Universidad de Lima and president of the Ethics Committee of the Peruvian press association.

Dr. Concepción Medrano Samaniego

Dr. Concepción Medrano Samaniego, University of the Basque Country (Spain).

Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education at the Universidad del País Vasco. She coordinates the Chair of Communication and Educational Values at this university, which aims to open spaces for reflection and an exchange of knowledge on the media and educational values.

Dr. Claudio Avendaño Ruz

Dr. Claudio Avendaño Ruz, University of Santiago (Chile).

Director of the International Master in Communication at the Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona. He is a researcher and writer in Infancy and Mass Media/Digital Technologies and Communication/Education. He is a graduate in Sociology from the Universidad de Chile and has a PhD in Communication Sciences and Journalism from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Dr. María Luisa Sevillano García

Dr. María Luisa Sevillano García, National University of Distance Education (Spain).

Professor of Didactics and the Organization of Education at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) based in Madrid. Her research and articles published in books and journals deal with new technologies, distance learning, media didactics, educational innovation, virtual tools and the media and teaching.

Dr. Mar Fontcuberta Balaguer

Dr. Mar Fontcuberta Balaguer, Catholic University (Chile).

She graduated in Journalism at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. She has a PhD in Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and is a professor at the Pontifícia Universidad Católica.

Dr. Julio Cabero Almenara

Dr. Julio Cabero Almenara, University of Seville (Spain).

Professor of Didactics and the Organization of Education at the Universidad de Sevilla, and director of the Secretariat of Audiovisual Resources and New Technologies. He is a founder member of Edutec and editor of the Pixel-Bit journal of media and education. He is also a scientific consultant and head researcher of various investigative projects. He is a member of the IberoAmerican Network for the Training of University Teachers in Educational Technology, financed by the AECI.

Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna

Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna, University of Malaga (Spain).

Professor at the Universidad de Málaga. He has been director of the ICE, of Innovative Education and head of Virtual Education at the same university. He has directed numerous audiovisual and multimedia productions, and written books and articles arising from the national, European and IberoAmerican projects he has directed.

Dr. Ana García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso

Dr. Ana García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso, University of Salamanca (Spain).

Professor at the Universidad de Salamanca. She researches Educational Technology, and lectures on degree and postgraduate courses that cover the application of new technologies to education.

Dr. Jesús Arroyave

Dr. Jesús Arroyave, University of Northern (Colombia).

Associate Professor and the Director of the School of Communication at University of Northern in Barranquilla, Colombia. He also is the Director of the Doctoral Program at University of Northern. He earned his Ph. D. in Communication from the University of Miami. His professional interest focuses on journalism and media studies, health communication and communication for development and social change.

Dr. Donaciano Bartolomé Crespo

Dr. Donaciano Bartolomé Crespo, National University of Distance Education (Spain).

Professor of Journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He researches and publishes articles on educational systems and the specialist press that focuses on services, the underprivileged, education and religions.

Dr. Samy Tayie

Dr. Samy Tayie, Cairo University (Egypt).

Samy Tayie is a professor at the Faculty of Mass Communication of Cairo University, Egypt. He is also the President of Mentor International Media Education Association. His main areas of interest include media literacy, social marketing, new communication technology and mass communication research methods. He has published a few books on mass communication research methods, media literacy, advertising and public relations

Dr. Javier Tejedor Tejedor

Dr. Javier Tejedor Tejedor, University of Salamanca (Spain).

Professor of Educational Research Methodology, he has lectured on degree courses of Psychology, Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy at various universities. His teaching and research centres on the methodology of investigation, the fundamentals of measuring and assessment, the innovation and incorporation of new technologies into the teaching-learning processes at all levels of education.

Dr. Sara Pereira

Dr. Sara Pereira, University of Minho (Portugal).

Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences and researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre of the Universidade do Minho. She is director of the Master course in Communication, Citizenship and Education. Her main research areas are: children, young people and the media. television for children. the media, participation and citizenship, education in the media and media literacy.

Dr. Gloria Camarero Gómez

Dr. Gloria Camarero Gómez, Carlos III University (Spain).

PhD in Art History, Bachelor of Law and Professor of History of Cinema and Art History. Directs the Master of Management in the Film Industry, Research Group "artistic thinking and visual reality" (UC3100) and is member of SICA HUM068 Research Group (Visual Arts and Heritage in Europe and America). Her lines of work are visual languages ??in relation with communication and the arts.

Dr. Armanda Pinto

Dr. Armanda Pinto, University of Coimbra (Portugal).

Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Universidade de Coimbra. She has a Master in Psychology and a PhD in Educational Sciences from the Universidade de Coimbra. She teaches media education, and her research interests lie in children, young people and television, the relationship between media/education/citizenship, violence in the media, cyber-intimidation and media education.

Dr. Pere Marqués Graells

Dr. Pere Marqués Graells, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Professor of Educational Technology at the Department of Applied Pedagogy of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he heads the Didactics and Multimedia research team. He specializes in the design, development and assessment of multimedia resources for education, and in the application of new didactic methodologies for improving teaching and learning processes through the use of ICTs.

Dr. Xosé Soengas Pérez

Dr. Xosé Soengas Pérez, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

Xosé Soengas is Full Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela. His research is focused in information and audiovisual fiction, especially in analyzing the informative content from radio and television.

Dr. Octavio Islas

Dr. Octavio Islas, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (Ecuador).

PHD in social sciences, founder of the scientific journal Reason and Word. Author and coordinator of 17 books, 55 chapters in books, more than 85 texts in scientific journals with arbitration, more than 700 journalist columns. Professor and researcher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.

Dr. Don D. H. Shin

Dr. Don D. H. Shin, Chung-Ang University (Korea, Republic of).

Professor, Director and Chair of Interactive Media at the University of Sungkyunkwan, Seoul, South Korea. He is a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Interaction Science, which is Samsung-affiliated research academic unit. His research interests include digital media, human-computer interaction, and media user experience. Since 2005, he has published over 270 journal articles, books, and proceedings.

Dr. Moisès Esteban-Guitart

Dr. Moisès Esteban-Guitart, University of Girona (Spain).

Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Universitat de Girona and Associate Professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain). Director of the Educational Research Institute of the University of Girona. Responsible for the research group "Culture and Education". Research lines: relations between culture, education and identity, learning experiences inside and outside the school, connected learning. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Dr. Patrick Verniers

Dr. Patrick Verniers, Higher Council for Media Education (Belgium).

Vice-president of the governmental higher board for Media Education (CESEM) in Belgium. Director of Media Animation NPO (resource centre for Media Education). Expert for the Council of Europe and for the European Commission. Senior Lecturer at Catholic University of Louvain-la-neuve and invited Professor at IHECS (Higher School for Social Communication) in Brussels. Coordinator of different European projects in the field of Media Education and General Secretary of the European Charter for Media Literacy.

Dr. Domingo José Gallego Gil

Dr. Domingo José Gallego Gil, National University of Distance Education (Spain).

He has a PhD in Philosophy and Arts, and a Master in Educational Technology and Communications (Columbia University, New York). He is also a graduate in Cinematography. He is professor of Educational Technology at the Faculty of Education of Spain’s National University of Distance Education (UNED), and a member of the Rector Council of the Extremadura Business School. He researches Educational Technology, Learning Styles, the Management of Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence. He has directed over 50 doctoral theses and undertaken teaching and research projects in 14 countries in the Americas.

Dr. Manuel Area Moreira

Dr. Manuel Area Moreira, University of La Laguna (Spain).

He is a Doctor of Pedagogy and professor of Didactics and the Organization of Education at the Universidad La Laguna. He heads the Laboratory of Education and New Technologies (EBULLAB) research group, and is the creator and administrator of the teachers’ Educational Technology social network.

Dr. Ramón Reig García

Dr. Ramón Reig García, University of Seville (Spain).

Doctor of Information Sciences, journalist and professor at the Universidad de Sevilla. Since October 2008, he has headed the Department of Journalism II at the same university. He is founder and head of the group that researches Structure, History and Content in Communication, and he edits Ámbitos, an international journal on communication.

Dr. Gustavo Hernández Díaz

Dr. Gustavo Hernández Díaz, ININCO - Central University (Venezuela).

Professor and director of the Communication Research Institute of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). He is head of Radio, Television and Multimedia at the UCV and general manager of Specialization for the Creative Use of the Media (ININCO)

Dr. Isabel Cantón Mayo

Dr. Isabel Cantón Mayo, Universidad de León (Spain).

Catedrática de Universidad de Didáctica y Organización Escolar en la Universidad de León. Evaluadora de la ANECA en los programas Méritum y Docentia. Dirige un equipo de investigación de excelencia y ha dirigido 20 tesis doctorales Tiene cuatro sexenios de investigación y 6 quinquenios de docencia. Ha impartido publicado múltiples libros, capítulos y artículos científicos e impartido conferencias invitadas en Congresos en todo el mundo.

Dr. Juan de Pablos Pons

Dr. Juan de Pablos Pons, University of Seville (Spain).

Professor of Educational Technology at the Universidad de Sevilla. Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences. He is the creator and director of the Research, Assessment and Educational Technology group (HUM-154). He works with the National Agency of Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) and the National Agency of Assessment and Prospects, as part of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Dr. Gerardo Borroto Carmona

Dr. Gerardo Borroto Carmona, CREA (Cuba).

PhD in Educational Science and Creativity Specialist. Degree in Education. Professor of Mathematics and Technical Education. He has done teaching, research and publications in: Education, Teaching, Creativity, Research Methodology and ICT. He is currently Professor of the Reference Centre for Advanced Education (CREA), in the CUJAE. Coordinator of Science and Technology, and International Relations. Has 37 years of teaching experience in higher education.

Dr. Manuel Fandos Igado

Dr. Manuel Fandos Igado, UNIR (Spain).

PhD. in Psychopedagogy. He has a Master in Ecclesiastical Studies and is a member of the Agora research group which is part of the Andalusia research network (HUM-648).

Dr. José Manuel Pérez Tornero

Dr. José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Professor of Journalism and Communication Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has a Master in Information Sciences and Hispanic Philology, and his research interests include cultural and educational television, media discourse and the relationship between communication, education and citizenship, as well as digital and media literacy.

Dr. Jorge Abelardo Cortés Montalvo

Dr. Jorge Abelardo Cortés Montalvo, Autonomous University of Chihuahua (Mexico).

University professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Doctor in Sciences of the Information by the University of Seville, Graduate in educative psychology and Master in higher education. It coordinates the Research Group of Education and Communication UACHIH-034, whose line of investigation are “educative innovation”, group initiator of the Network for the Development and Evaluation of Academic Competence (REDECA)

Dr. Carmen Marta-Lazo

Dr. Carmen Marta-Lazo, University of Zaragoza (Spain).

Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). She is Director of Unizar radio statio and Director Entremedios Digital Platform. She is Main Researcher in Digital Communication and Information Research Group (GICID), that forms part Government of Aragon (S-115). She is Co-editor in chief of Mediterranean Journal of Communication. She has conducted numerous scientific forums related to her research lines, based on Media Education, Digital Competence and screen consumptions and interactions.

Dr. Juan Antonio García Galindo

Dr. Juan Antonio García Galindo, University of Malaga (Spain).

Professor of Journalism and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Universidad de Málaga. He specializes in the Theory and History of Journalism. In recent years, he has focused on the socio-professional history of journalism, on intercultural communication and education in the information society and on the changes in journalism and communication in the current context of social, political and technological change.

Dr. Silvia Contín

Dr. Silvia Contín, National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco (Argentina).

She has a PhD in Educational Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, specializing in Didactics in Language and Literature. She has a Master in Pedagogy and Intercultural Communication, and in Communication and Education. She has a third Master in the Didactics of Language and Literature, and is a professor and Bachelor of Arts graduate.

Dr. Begoña Gutiérrez San Miguel

Dr. Begoña Gutiérrez San Miguel, University of Salamanca (Spain).

Begoña Gutierrez San Miguel is Professor of University of Salamanca in Communication Studies. Her research and publications are related to language and iconic visual narrative. She is director of Fonseca Journal of Communication.

Dr. Ramón Pérez Pérez

Dr. Ramón Pérez Pérez, University of Oviedo (Spain).

He holds a Master in Educational Sciences and a PhD in Educational Sciences and Pedagogy. He is professor of the Sciences of General Didactics and the Organization of Education at the Universidad de Oviedo. He investigates University Didactics, Information and Communication Technologies applied to Education, Teacher Training and the Management of Education.

Dr. Carlos Muñiz Muriel

Dr. Carlos Muñiz Muriel, University of Nuevo León (Mexico).

Proffesor at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico. He is the coordinator of the graduate program in "Political Marketing and Media Management". His research interests focus on the analysis of media effects, minorities in the media and the media impact on political attitudes.

Dr. Carmen Echazarreta Soler

Dr. Carmen Echazarreta Soler, University of Girona (Spain).

PhD and lecturer in image and media at the University of Girona . Is the principal investigator of the research group ARPA-Analysis Screens receipt of audiovisual-and magazine editor of Communication Papers, specializing in Media Literacy and Gender and media. He has conducted and published several studies concerning media literacy and educational technologies.

Dr. Evgeny Pashentsev

Dr. Evgeny Pashentsev, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation).

Full professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow City Teachers' Training University, the head of the Communication Management Centre at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The author/co-author of 21 books on communication management, strategic communication, public relations, media wars and psychological operations in Latin America, Middle East, the role of the armed forces in politics, multiparty system in Russia.

Dr. Fahriye Altinay Aksal

Dr. Fahriye Altinay Aksal, Near East University (Cyprus).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. of Educational Technology at Near East University. She is the Vice Chair of Distance Education Programme. She is the Director of Societal Research and Development Center. She is also the board member of Distance Education Center. She is full time lecturer and active researcher in Computer Education & Instructional Technology Department. She is active researcher in the field of communication, educational technology and management, distance education, technology in teacher education.

Dr. Jesús Valverde Berrocoso

Dr. Jesús Valverde Berrocoso, University of Extremadura (Spain).

Professor of Educational Technoloy at the University of Extremadura (Spain). He is Director of Virtual Campus at the University of Extremadura. He is editor in chief of RELATEC - «Revista Latinoamericana de Tecnología Educativa», He is coordinator of the «Nodo Educativo» investigation team that forms part of the System Science, Technology, Economy and Society of Extremadura (SEJ035).

Dr. Yamile Sandoval Romero

Dr. Yamile Sandoval Romero, Santiago de Cali University (Colombia).

Researcher and teacher in the field of Communication and Education, has worked in children's audiovisual production and projects of intervention in training critical reception. Publisher of the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, MA in Communication from the Universidad Javeriana and junior PhD in Psychology at the University of the North, is currently the Director of the Department of Communication at the Universidad Santiago de Cali (Colombia).

Dr. Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez

Dr. Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez, University of Murcia (Spain).

Doctor in Philosophy and Education Sciences, Professor of Inclusive Education at the University of Murcia. She is currently the Coordinator of the Area of Education Sciences of the National Agency of Evaluation and Development (ANEP) of the Ministry of Education. She is also Director and Main Researcher of the Group EDUIN (Inclusive Education: School for All). Her research interests are related to Inclusive Education, specifically in the study of the processes of social and educational inclusion and exclusion in schools; she has also an active interest in the achievement of good practices and in the development of a system of indicators for an effective care to the diversity of students.

Dr. Paolo Celot

Dr. Paolo Celot, EAVI (Belgium).

Founding member and Secretary general of EAVI - a not-for-profit international organization based in Brussels active in the interrelated fields of media and citizenship. He is an economist and a European affairs advisor specialized in the media sector. Over the last twenty years, he has accumulated a considerable international experience in the media, working for long periods in London, Milan and Brussels for both public and private broadcasters, including the BBC and RAI, for television advertising agencies as well as collaborating with various public institutions

Dr. Victoria Tur Viñes

Dr. Victoria Tur Viñes, University of Alicante (Spain).

Ph.D. Professor of the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Psychology at the Universidad de Alicante (Spain). She is Editor in chief of Mediterranean Journal of Communication. She coordinates the Latin American Platform of Communication Journals. She is a research group member of the Scientific Centre of Social Sciences Journals. Her research interests include scientific publication; advertising creativity and kids communication.

Dr. José María Morillas Alcázar

Dr. José María Morillas Alcázar, University of Huelva (Spain).

Full Professor at the University of Huelva. PhD in Art History from the University of Seville. Director of the Research Group "Heritage and Visual Arts in Europe and America" (HUM 068) of Andalusian Research Plan (PAIDI). International expert of the Scientific Committee of the Journal Siti Reali and Territory Ministry of Culture of Italy (MIBAC). Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Monumenta-Documenta (Luciano Editore Napoli, Italy) collection.

Dr. Jorge I. Mora Fernández

Dr. Jorge I. Mora Fernández, University of Southern California (United States).

Doctor Cum Laude in Audiovisual Communication, CAVP II, UCM. MFA in Interactive Media, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California. FulbrigntSpanish Ministry of Education & Science & La Caixa Foundation. Doctoral and Postdotoral Scholarship by the European Union-CAM, United Nations Advanced Training in Public Diplomacy. Researcher Collaborator in the Laboratory of Digital Culture & Hypermedia Museology http://www.ucm.es/centros/webs/gi5068/. Consultant in Interactive Communication, Narrative & Cinematic Arts of I+D Research Projects the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Founder of Festival Internacional Video Babel www.festivalvideobabel.org

Mr. Jordi Torrent

Mr. Jordi Torrent, United Nations - Alliance of Civilizations (United States).

Graduate in Philosophy from the Universidad de Barcelona, he also completed graduate studies at the Sorbonnne. Media consultant for the Department of Education of New York, he heads the Media Literacy Education project of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations. He currently teaches at the Fordham University in New York.

Mrs. Kathleen Tyner

Mrs. Kathleen Tyner, University of Texas (United States).

Assistant professor at the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema of the University of Texas in Austin. She has written, co-authored and edited numerous books, articles and study programmes related to the new media.

Mrs. Marieli Rowe

Mrs. Marieli Rowe, National Telemedia Council (United States).

Editor of The Journal of Media Literacy and managing director of the NTC since 1978. Her research interests focus on Infancy and the Ecology of Infancy in the new global era. Her work at the NTC centres on promoting media literacy and innovation in the family and society.

Technical Editing Board

Mr. Francisco Casado-Mestre

Mr. Francisco Casado-Mestre, Secondary School San Sebastián (Spain).

Teacher of Secondary Education at I.E.S. San Sebastian, Huelva, specialized at Drawing. Part-time Professor at the Superior Technical College of Engineering University of Huelva. Domain: Graphic Expression. Collaborator in the Group “Comunicar” since 1995. Publication of certain experiences using mass media in class, focusing not only on fixed images but also on movements.

Dr. Patricia de Casas Moreno

Dr. Patricia de Casas Moreno, Antonio de Nebrija University (Spain).

Doctor in Communication at the University of Huelva, specialist in Communication 2.0 and Social Networks, Graduated in the Master in Communication and Audiovisual Education.

Ms. Daniela Jaramillo-Dent

Ms. Daniela Jaramillo-Dent, Universidad de Huelva (Spain).

Educator and Communicator. BA in Communication from the University of Maryland, College Park. MA in Educational Leadership from the European University Miguel de Cervantes and MA in Secondary Education from the University of Huelva. She has worked in different educational settings in Ecuador, the United States and Spain.

Dr. Mari Carmen Caldeiro-Pedreira

Dr. Mari Carmen Caldeiro-Pedreira, Public University of Navarra (Spain).

Lecturer at the Public University of Navarra and collaborator at the International University of Valencia. PhD in Communication and Education from the University of Huelva. Professor at universities in Chile and Ecuador. Speaker in different international congresses.

Dr. Paloma Contreras-Pulido

Dr. Paloma Contreras-Pulido, University of Huelva (Spain).

Journalist and Social Education. Master in Audiovisual Communication and Education. For five years he has been director of Uniradio, Radio Universidad de Huelva. Currently carrying out research in the field of communication, education and social exclusion. As a communicator has been practicing for over fifteen years. He has participated in projects of innovation and as a speaker at several universities.

Dr. Inmaculada Berlanga

Dr. Inmaculada Berlanga, International University of La Rioja (Spain).

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business and Communication at the International University of La Rioja. Teaching in Master in audiovisual creation scripts and Communication degree (Fundamentals of Marketing, Sociology of Communication, rhetoric and persuasion ...). Researcher Doctor of Digital Communication and Society group.

Social Media and Visibility Board

Mrs. Bárbara Castillo-Abdul

Mrs. Bárbara Castillo-Abdul, University of Huelva (Spain).

PhD student in Communication in the line of Media Education and Literacy. Master's Degree in Communication and Audiovisual Education from the International University of Andalusia and the University of Huelva (Spain). Diploma in Social Media Management from the Catholic University Andrés Bello (Venezuela). Specialist in Organizational Communication from the University Monteávila (Venezuela). Degree in Social Communication from the University Santa María (Venezuela). Collaborator of the ÁGORA UHU Research Group. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Dr. Isabel  Iniesta-Alemán

Dr. Isabel Iniesta-Alemán, University of Zaragoza (Spain).

Doctor in Communication and Bachelor in Business Administration. Associate Professor in the Area of Journalism and Marketing Director at MarketReal Consulting. Member of the research groups GICID of UNIZAR and SMEMIU of the UNED.

Mrs. Mónica Bonilla-del-Río

Mrs. Mónica Bonilla-del-Río, University of Huelva (Spain).

PhD student in Communication in the line of Media Education and Literacy. Inter-university Master's Degree in Communication and Audiovisual Education from the International University of Andalusia and the University of Huelva. Master's Degree in Emotional, Social and Creativity Education from the University of Cantabria. Graduate in Teaching in Infant Education by the University of Cantabria.

Dr. César Bernal-Bravo

Dr. César Bernal-Bravo, King Juan Carlos University (Spain).

Mrs. Ana Luisa Valle Razo

Mrs. Ana Luisa Valle Razo, University of Guadalajara (Mexico).

Master's Degree in Communication from the University of Guadalajara. Degree in Communication Sciences and Techniques from the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac. Member of the Alfamed Young Research Network.

Mrs. Tania Barrezueta Cabrera

Mrs. Tania Barrezueta Cabrera, Salesian Polytechnic University (Ecuador).

Master in Communication and Audiovisual Education from the International University of Andalusia and Degree in Communication from the University of Azuay. Online Monitor of Virtual Education at the Salesian Polytechnic University.

Mrs. Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

Mrs. Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion, National University of Loja (Ecuador).

Doctoral student of the Inter-University Doctorate Program in Communication at the University of Huelva (Media Literacy). Interuniversity Master in Communication and Audiovisual Education by the UNIA and the University of Huelva. Degree in Social Communication and Degree in Education Sciences with mention in English Language. Lecturer at the National University of Loja (Ecuador). Member of the ALFAMED Youth Network. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Technical & Commercial Manager

Mr. Alex Ruiz

Mr. Alex Ruiz, Grupo Comunicar (Spain).

Teacher, graphics and website designer. He is a consultant in Educational Technologies and webmaster of revistacomunicar.com and grupocomunicar.com, among other sites. He works with various groups in website maintenance (design, databases) and e-learning.



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