Electronic Editions

«Ediciones digitales» is a collection of CDs of the complete texts of the titles gathered in this section. It is in PDF format and some appear in HTML, to facilitate navigation and access to all the documents of the publications.

Competencia Mediática Investigación sobre el grado de competencia de la ciudadanía en Andalucía Competencia Mediática Investigación sobre el grado de competencia de la ciudadanía en La RiojaComunicar Digital 1/35 Comunicar Digital 1/30 La televisión que queremos Comunicar Digital 1/25 Televisión y multimedia Luces en el laberinto audiovisual CD Comunicar Digital 1/22

Didactis Guides

Didactic guides is material specially thought to work with boys and girls of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, in optional subjects related to the world of the image and the media, as «Information and Communication», «Mass media» ... and other matters of the curriculum.

Escuchamos, hablamos, leemos y escribimos con los medios Escuchamos, hablamos, leemos y escribimos con los medios Aprendamos a consumir mensajes Descubriendo la caja mágica Descubriendo la caja mágica

Media Classroom

«Aula Media» is a collection which, together with «Aula de Comunicacin» and others from Grupo Comunicar, aims to be a platform for professionals in the fields of education and communication to research and reflect on the media, and the use and didactic projection they offer. Specifically, «Aula Media» came into being to answer those questions arising from communication in education. It gathers thought and analysis on the challenges that new languages and technologies present in the classroom.

El periodista moral Geohistoria.net Comprender y disfrutar el cine Aprender con el cine, aprender de película Televisión y telespectadores La mujer invisible

Communication Classroom

«Aula de Comunicación» is a monograph collection from Grupo Comunicar whose intention is to be a platform for thought, study, proposals and research directed at the varied didactic, critical, creative and innovative exploitation of the media in the classroom. Six practical proposals for working on audiovisual communication and newspapers in the classroom have been produced so far:

El periódico en las aulas El universo de papel Juega con la imagen. Imagina juegos El periódico en la educación de personas adultas Unidades didácticas de prensa en Educación Primaria Comunicación audiovisual en una enseñanza renovada

Human Communication

This is a collection whose aim is to open up the creative possibilities of communication in all its aspects to be applied in the classroom. It is open to narrative, storytelling, comics, interpersonal relationships

«Mr Honoratos pointer, Mrs Puritas bag and other stories for the classroom» is a book full of humour, endearing and fun, provoking reflection, evocation and didactic comment.

Historietas de la Comunicación El puntero de don Honorato, el bolso de doña Purita y otros relatos para andar por clase

Common Values

Common Values is a project which is co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the INTI 2003 programme for immigrant integration. The Common Values projects objective is to promote the culture of peace through encounter and dialogue between the different religions and cultures of contemporary Europe. The projects activities aim to get students, teachers and the population in general of four European countries to think about common values amid diverse systems of thought, using the comic as a medium of communication and development.

Hisham e Isolda La exposición La llamada La reserva Si me sigues alrededor del mundo… Valores Comunes

Press and Educacion

This collection by the Grupo presents the highlights of meetings, conferences, symposia, congresses and seminars where professionals and experts in the media came together to reflect on the possibilities of integration in the classroom from a practical perspective and professional experience.

Luces en el laberinto audiovisual Enseñar y aprender la actualidad con los medios ¿Cómo enseñar y aprender la actualidad? Enseñar y aprender con prensa, radio y televisión Medios audiovisuales para profesores Profesores dinamizadores de prensa II Congreso Andaluz «Prensa y Educación»

Education and Media

The titles in this collection represent a forum of practical reflections based on the experiences of teachers at workshops, conferences and continuous training courses.

Atención educativa a ciegos y deficientes visuales Aulas en la pantalla Educación y televisión Educación y publicidad



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