• Comunicar 59: Emerging mobile media. Convergence in the new media arena
  • Comunicar 58: Digital media and learning: Emergent forms of participation and social transformation
  • Comunicar 57: Artivism: Art and Social Engagement in a Digital World
  • Comunicar 56: Cyberbullying: the threat without a face
  • Comunicar 55: The Media Sphere. Controversies in Public Life
  • Comunicar 54: Shared Science and Knowledge. Open Access, Technology and Education
  • Comunicar 53: Critical Citizenship and Social Empowerment in the Emerging Cybersociety
  • Comunicar 52: The Social Brain and Connective Intelligence
  • Comunicar 51: E-Innovation in Higher Education
  • Comunicar 50: Technologies and Second Languages

    The growing pace of progress of research demands that results be published as quickly as possible among the scientific and professional community, far beyond the sedate pace of print production.

    “Comunicar” is a journal in digital and print form and like all prestigious international publications it has a section of papers that are formally approved by its Scientific Board and available in pre-print form.

    This section of pre-print articles contains all the papers that have been accepted and which are ready for editing prior to publication in the next issue of “Comunicar”

    Each paper has its own exclusive DOI (Digital Object Identifier) character string (www.doi.org). At the foot of the page of each article are the dates of reception, revision, acceptance and publication, and the number of the journal in which it will appear.

    When the articles are published in the final edition, they are removed from the pre-print section of the journal.

    There may appear minor changes between the edited version and the final printed version, and the page may look different as a result of some final changes to style and page lay-out.



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