Comunicar 38: Media Literacy in Multiple Contexts

Vol. XIX, n. 38, 1st semester, March 1 2012
E-ISSN: 1988-3293 / ISSN: 1134-3478


Color in Child Espots: Chromatic Prevalence and Relation with the Brand Logo


Color is a crucial element in achieving effective and efficient communication. This article presents an analysis of the color elements used in TV ads aimed at children broadcast during November 2009 in Spain by the Disney Channel children’s network which, according to Kantar Media, is the audience leader in open-to-air television programing. The convenience sample included the group of advertisers that Infoadex classifies as part of the «sports and leisure» sector, which includes products and services traditionally aimed at children, such as toys and leisure parks, as well as self-promotion ads for other television networks. The analysis quantifies the use of color in ads aimed at children and concludes that brands use color in very different ways. This study also examines the relationship between the color combinations chosen by advertisers in their ads and logos, confirming that the use of color combinations in ads and logos is arbitrary. Most advertisers who target children prefer to apply a range of colors to create contrast and highlight the product and its features and benefits, instead of strengthening the brand’s corporate image. The study highlights the randomness in decision-making on the use of color.

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=Color in Child Espots: Chromatic Prevalence and Relation with the Brand Logo

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