ICT, Internet, resources, teacher’s attitudes, beliefs, practices, digital competencies, training


The work below examines the attitudes and beliefs that secondary teachers have about the use of Internet resources in their practices. It is presented results obtained from a questionnaire (n=1,721) with different dimensions, obtaining data about teachers’ attitudes and reasons with respect to the use of Internet resources, respect to teachers’ tasks employed for and respect to training teachers received about Internet resources. The study use descriptive and correlation data of answers percentages to questionnaire items. Results show that attitudes are very important to explain the use of these resources in classroom practices. Also, the role that teachers’ perception about their digital competencies plays over the possibility to use Internet resources in their classroom practices. These results show differences between teacher in function of age and genre. Finally, teachers’ training about Internet has a positive effect on self perception about digital competencies. The results point to the need of research on what beliefs could explain why teachers decide to use or not Internet resources, how they use them and which factors are included.


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