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Vol. XV, No. 30, 1st semester, 3 2008

Audiences and screens in America

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The explosion of narratives and the multiplication of readings

Jesús Martín-Barbero, Medellín (Colombia).

The active pleasures of expression and communication

James Lull, San José (United States).

Books, screens and audiences: what is changing

Néstor García-Canclini, México D.F. (Mexico).

Television and narratives: cultural identities in globalization age

Maria-Immacolata Vassallo-de-Lopes, São Paulo (Brazil).

Screens we see, societies we unknow

Jorge-A. González-Sánchez, México D.F. (Mexico).

Changes in the relationship between children and television

Valerio Fuenzalida-Fernández, Santiago de Chile (Chile).

Do young audiences learn from media?

Maritza López-de-la-Roche, Cali (Colombia).

Reception studies and cultural identity

Nilda Jacks, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).

Foreign film and television consumption and appropriation by Latin American audiences

José-Carlos Lozano-Rendón, Monterrey (Mexico).

The formative relevance of screens

Jorge-A. Huergo, La Plata (Argentina).

Audiences, Intertextuality and new media literacy

Kathleen Tyner, Austin (United States).

The right to screens: from media education to educommunication in Brazil

Ismar Oliveira Soares, São Paulo (Brazil).

No more audiences, we all become producers

Omar Rincón, Bogotá (Colombia).

The right to access to the media: methodological reflections

Manuel-Javier Callejo-Gallego, Madrid (Spain).

TV channels social responsibility: self-regulation on TV contents during special protected schedule

José-Antonio Ruiz-San-Román, Madrid (Spain) & Marta Salguero-Montero, Madrid (Spain).

The audio-visual regulation: the arguments for and against

Jordi Sopena-Palomar, Barcelona (Spain).

The newsombudsman as an instrument for media education

Susana Herrera-Damas, Piura (Peru).

Language’s alterations in the digital era

Ernesto Antonio Parrilla, Villa Constitución (Argentina).

Digital literacy: full control of pen drive and mouse

María-Dolores Moreno-Rodríguez, Madrid (Spain).

Renewal movements in the Spanish television series

Mario García-de-Castro, Madrid (Spain).

Oral-gestural, writing, audio, audiovisual and… digital? The five degrees of communication in education

José-María Perceval-Verde, Barcelona (Spain) & Santiago Tejedor, Barcelona (Spain).

Drog@ project: virtual learning communities

Ramón Tirado-Morueta, Huelva (Spain), Juan-Manuel Méndez-Garrido, Huelva (Spain) & Ignacio Aguaded, Huelva (Spain).

Apocalyptics: means and ends

María-Teresa Fernández-Martínez, Huelva (Spain).

Journalistic design, the critic reading key of the press

Humberto Martínez-Fresneda-Osorio, Madrid (Spain).

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