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Vol. XII, No. 24, 1st semester, 3 2005

Media Education

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Learning to watch TV: the experience of teaching a media through another media

Morella Alvarado-Miquilena, Caracas (Venezuela).

Cross-curricular subjects: a classroom experience in edu-communication

Marta Orsini-Puente, Cochabamba (Bolivia).

Spectators, the XXI student

Virginia-Silvina Funes, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

From film education to education for communication in Cuba

Pablo Ramos-Rivero, La Habana (Cuba).

Fictional video and scientific education: a paradoxical relationship

Alejandro Jaramillo-Hoyos, Bogotá (Colombia).

Childhood image: iconographyc aspects

María-del-Mar Ramírez-Alvarado, Sevilla (Spain).

What´s the young person of the 21th century like?

Tania-María Esperon-Porto, Pelotas (Brazil).

Communicative interaction with computer technology

Diana Kiss-de-Alejandro, Osorno (Chile) & Eduardo Castro-Ríos, Osorno (Chile).

Political values in History text books for primary school en Mexico

Gladys Ortiz-Henderson, México D.F. (Mexico).

Media and further education: imagery and representations

Lúcia-Maria Vaz-Peres, Pelotas (Brazil).

Towards a knowledge management: production of cultural and educational contents

Ciro-Nestor Novelli-Osorio, Mendoza (Argentina) & Cecilia Pincolini, Mendoza (Argentina).

Encyclomedia: new images for the classroom

Guadalupe Hernández-Luviano, México D.F. (Mexico).

What does it means to be literate nowadays?

Mónica-Susana Pérsico, Chubut (Argentina) & Silvia-Andrea Contín, Chubut (Argentina).

Journalistic essay: a didactic proposal

Jenny Bustamante-Newball, San Cristóbal (Venezuela) & Marisol García-Romero, Mérida (Venezuela).

Psychological intervention through the Internet

Francisco Ruiz-Molina, Granada (Spain).

Today’s challenges of Media Education

Fernando Tucho-Fernández, Madrid (Spain).

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