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Vol. XVII, No. 34, 1st semester, 3 2010

Musics and screens

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The sounds of media. An interdisciplinary review of research on sound as communication

Klaus Bruhn-Jensen, Copenhague (Denmark).

Loving music: From a sociology of mediation to a pragmatics of taste

Antoine Hennion, París (France).

Imaginative appropriations of music in the new communicative scenarios

Miguel de-Aguilera-Moyano, Málaga (Spain), Joan-Elies Adell-Pitarch, Barcelona (Spain) & Eddy Borges-Rey, Doha (Qatar).

Understanding the emergence of social protocols on MySpace: Impact and its ramifications

Hiesun-Cecilia Suhr, Filadelfia (United States).

iPod: A personalized sound world for its consumers

Michael Bull, Brighton (United Kingdom).

Technologies and media in digital music: From music market crisis to new listening practices

Héctor Fouce-Rodríguez, Madrid (Spain).

Player relationships as mediated through sound in immersive multi-player computer games

Mark Grimshaw, Bolton (United Kingdom).

The role of musical instruments in the globalization of music

Kazadi wa-Mukuma, Ohio (United States).

Music distribution in the consumer society: The creation of cultural identities through sound

Jaime Hormigos-Ruiz, Madrid (Spain).

The utility of musico-visual formats in teaching

Manuel Gértrudix-Barrio, Madrid (Spain) & Felipe Gértrudix-Barrio, Toledo (Spain).

Environmental indigenous wisdom and the design of educational resources

Manuel Cebrián-de-la-Serna, Málaga (Spain) & Juan Noguera-Valdemar, Amazonas (Venezuela).

Advertising in the digital age: The microsite as a strategic factor in on-line advertising campaigns

María Romero-Calmache, Zaragoza (Spain) & Carlos Fanjul-Peyró, Castellón (Spain).

Internet access by minors at home: Usage norms imposed by parents

Jaume Sureda-Negre, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Ruben Comas-Forgas, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) & Mercè Morey-López, Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

Studying Spanish in the USA: Mass media as social motivation

Carmen Fonseca-Mora, Huelva (Spain) & Lorena García-Barroso, Huelva (Spain).

The symbols and written language of users of messenger

Yaditzy Valencia-Cerino, Villahermosa (Mexico) & Verónica García-Martínez, Villahermosa-Tabasco (Mexico).

Methodologies to improve communication in virtual learning environments

Honorio Salmerón-Pérez, Granada (Spain), Sonia Rodríguez-Fernández, Granada (Spain) & Calixto Gutiérrez-Braojos, Granada (Spain).

Digital tribes in the university classrooms

Alfonso Gutiérrez-Martín, Segovia (Spain), Andrés Palacios-Picos, Segovia (Spain) & Luis Torrego-Egido, Segovia (Spain).

Videogames as cultural devices: development of spatial skills and application in learning

Ana Sedeño, Málaga (Spain).

I want to be a journalist: looking for motivation in journalism

María-de-los-Ángeles Pastor-Alonso, Huelva (Spain).

Developing cognitive skills with mobile learning: A case study

Ana-Isabel Ramos-Elizondo, Monterrey (Mexico), José-Alberto Herrera-Bernal, Monterrey (Mexico) & María-Soledad Ramírez-Montoya, Monterrey (Mexico).

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