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Vol. X, No. 19, 2nd semester, October 2002

Communication and Popularization of Science

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Scientific journalism: a challenge for XXI

Manuel Calvo-Hernando, Madrid (Spain).

Science and technology in journalists training

Carolina Moreno-Castro, Valencia (Spain) & Josep-Lluis Gómez-Mompart, Valencia (Spain).

Science news and contemporary politic scene

José-Luis Luján, Islas Baleares (Spain).

Sherlock Holmes was right

Santiago Rementol-i-Massana, Barcelona (Spain).

Nature and scientific news

Carlos-José Elías-Pérez, Madrid (Spain).

Science popularization in TV programs

Juan-Francisco Gutiérrez-Lozano, Málaga (Spain).

Science popularization using scientific journalism: Mètode

Martí Domínguez-Romero, Valencia (Spain).

Geography and travels in scientific journalism

Mariano Belenguer-Jané, Sevilla (Spain).

Knowledge dialectical structure and scientific popularization

Gerardo Pedrós-Pérez, Córdoba (Spain).

Scientific and environmental popularization in TV

Santiago Aguaded-Landero, Huelva (Spain).

Science popularization from public institutions

Tasio Camiñas-Hernández, Málaga (Spain).

What are institutional resources for?

Argelia Ferrer-Escalona, Tachira (Venezuela).

Communication and health practices

Cristina Baccin, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Critical reviews of a film

Cecilia Silva, Osaka (Japan).

Media and bilingualism

Sonia Fernández-Parratt, Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

About cinematographic joint productions

Gloria Moreno-Pérez, Montreal (Canada).

Multimedia means for professional guidance

Grupo-de-Investigación-Didáctica, Sevilla (Spain).

Learning skills with videogames

María-Begoña Alfageme-González, Murcia (Spain) & Pedro-A. Sánchez-Rodríguez, Murcia (Spain).

Design of attitude scales for teaching training in new technologies

Francisco-Javier Hinojo-Lucena, Granada (Spain) & Francisco Fernández-Martín, Granada (Spain).

Digital books: new ways of reading

Purificación Toledo-Morales, Sevilla (Spain) & José-Manuel Sánchez-García, Sevilla (Spain).

Books and TV

Marialcira Matute, Caracas (Venezuela).

Communicational technologies in teaching training

Inés Comuzzi, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Emotional reactions to cinema

Elena Conde-Miranda, Tenerife (Spain) & Luis-Fernando de-Iturrate-Cárdenes, Tenerife (Spain).

Reflections about the works of Joan Fontcuberta

Pilar Alfonso-Escuder, Valencia (Spain).

Cinematographic analysis of «La dolce vita»: the twelve heresies

Vitor Reia-Baptista, Faro (Portugal).

Teenagers attitudes before media

Ana-María Fleitas, Córdoba (Argentina) & Raquel-Silvia Zamponi, Córdoba (Argentina).

TV and teenagers in changing times

Michael Morgan, Massachussetts (United States) & Tatiana Merlo-Flores, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Educational software and education for health

Manuela Álvarez-Girón, Sevilla (Spain) & María-Teresa Gómez-del-Castillo-Segurado, Sevilla (Spain).

Didactic use of news in adult education

María-del-Carmen Ricoy-Lorenzo, Ourense (Spain).

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