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Vol. XI, No. 22, 1st semester, 3 2004

Edu-communication in a Global World

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Communication and education meeting points

Aurora Alonso-del-Corral, México D.F. (Mexico).

Media at school: lights in the labyrinth

Raquel Goulart-Barreto, Río de Janeiro (Brazil).

Citizenship, education and communication studies

Francisco-Javier Pérez-Latre, Pamplona (Spain).

Media: symbols or devils?

María-Magdalena da-Costa-Oliveira, Braga (Portugal).

An ethical reflection on non equal access to information

María-del-Pilar Núñez-Delgado, Ceuta (Spain) & José-Antonio Liébana-Checa, Ceuta (Spain).

New communication languages in education

Isabel-Elena Folegotto, Luján (Argentina) & Roberto Tambornino, Luján (Argentina).

Weapons of mass distortion

Francisco Pineda-Castillo, Málaga (Spain).

Learning and technology: conflicts and chances

Juliana Machado-de-Carvalho, Río de Janeiro (Brazil), Luciano Simoes, Río de Janeiro (Brazil) & Anna Penido, Río de Janeiro (Brazil).

Television and indigenous identity: a rural community in the Patagonia

Ignacio Aguaded, Huelva (Spain) & Silvia-Andrea Contín, Chubut (Argentina).

To investigate the media influence in the classrooms by means of questionnaires

Juan-Manuel Méndez-Garrido, Huelva (Spain).

Informative strategies and mediatic reception: Iraq invasion

Guillermo López-García, Valencia (Spain).

The photonovel and its use like an expressive resource in the classroom

Francisco Casado-Mestre, Huelva (Spain).

Abridged communication as an identity mark of young people today

Joaquín Marín-Montín, Sevilla (Spain).

Forgotten natives

José Ros-Izquierdo, Santa Cruz (Bolivia).

Communication and education joint

Heleny Méndiz-Rojas, Antofagasta, Chile (Chile).

Children and young people as virtual and interactive users and receivers

María-Auxiliadora Gabino-Campos, Guadalajara (Mexico).

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