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Vol. XIV, No. 28, 1st semester, 3 2007

Media Education in Europe

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Italian media educational situation and challenges for the next future

Pier-Cesare Rivoltella, Milán (Italy).

Towards a media literacy: examples of the Portuguese speaking context

Vitor Reia-Baptista, Faro (Portugal).

Media education in the UK

Cary Bazalgette, Londres (United Kingdom).

Media education in France: a hard consolidation with good prospects

Evelyne Bevort, París (France).

Media education in the French Community of Belgium

Michel Clarembeaux, Lieja (Belgium).

Media education in Germany: development and current situation

Gerhard Tulodziecki, Paderborn (Germany) & Silke Grafe, Würzburg (Germany).

A view of media education in Spain

José-Antonio Gabelas-Barroso, Zaragoza (Spain).

Implementation of a Media Literacy Training Program for Greek Elementary School Teachers

Bettina Davou, Atenas (Greece) & Vassiliki Nika, Atenas (Greece).

Media education in Poland

Waclaw Strykowski, Poznan (Poland), Mariusz Kakolewicz, Poznan (Poland) & Adam Mickiewicz, Poznan (Poland).

Media education landscape in Sweden

María Bergman, Falun (Sweden).

Media education in Luxembourg

Carole Kickert, Luxemburgo (Luxembourg) & Nathalie Beck, Luxemburgo (Luxembourg).

Media education in Switzerland

Christian Georges, Berna (Switzerland).

Media education in Austria: competence, communication, autonomy

Susanne Krucsay, Viena (Austria).

Values in sport: a pedagogical experience with the football match Barça-Madrid

Xavier Ginesta-Portet, Barcelona (Spain).

Hypertextual rethoric: towards a model for interactive fiction analysis

Rosanna Mestre-Pérez, Valencia (Spain).

Technology changed scene or Pygmalion came true

Julio Cabero-Almenara, Sevilla (Spain), María-del-Carmen Llorente-Cejudo, Sevilla (Spain) & Pedro Román-Graván, Sevilla (Spain).

Culture and television. A controversial relation

Soledad Ruano-López, Badajoz (Spain).

Values education through television advertising

Marta-Mª Moro-Rodríguez, Pontevedra (Spain).

WebQuest and semantic annotations

Santiago Blanco-Suárez, Valladolid (Spain), Pablo de-la-Fuente-Redondo, Valladolid (Spain) & María-del-Rocío Anguita-Martínez, Valladolid (Spain).

Towards e-learning from free software. Moodle like a Learning Managament System (LMS) within reach of all

María-del-Carmen Llorente-Cejudo, Sevilla (Spain).

Media students, professional placements, University and the learning challenge

María Lamuedra-Graván, Madrid (Spain).

Didactic use of web page pertaining to department in Secondary Schools

Manuela Raposo-Rivas, Ourense (Spain).

To educate spectators: expositive proposals and dynamization

María-Isabel Moreno-Montoso, Jaén (Spain).

Gender construction and spanish fiction TV

Elena Galán-Fajardo, Madrid (Spain).

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