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Vol. XVII, No. 33, 2nd semester, October 2009

Cybermedia and mobile phones

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Radio edu-webs: Spanish experiences of media education

Juan-José Perona-Páez, Barcelona (Spain).

A scale for the measurement of university teachers’ attitudes towards the integration of ICT

Francisco-Javier Tejedor-Tejedor, Salamanca (Spain), Ana García-Valcárcel-Muñoz-Repiso, Salamanca (Spain) & Sagrario Prada-San-Segundo, Salamanca (Spain).

Information sources and drugs consumption. TV: A risk factor in schoolchildren

Carin-Alexa Prieto-Cruz, Brno (Czech Republic).

Investigating the reading process by means of collaborative environment

Adair-de-Aguiar Neitzel, Barra Velha (Brazil) & Luiz-Carlos Neitzel, Barra Velha (Brazil).

New educational settings. Cognitive challenges for the realization of a collective intelligence

María González-Navarro, Madrid (Spain).

Audiovisual narrations based on intercultural relationships in education

Antonio Bautista García-Vera, Madrid (Spain).

Learning with videogames: Ideas for a renewal of the theory of knowledge and education

Anita Gramigna, Ferrara (Italy) & Juan-Carlos González-Faraco, Huelva (Spain).

Student´s perceptions of blended learning at university

Francisco-Javier Hinojo-Lucena, Granada (Spain), Inmaculada Aznar-Díaz, Granada (Spain) & María-Pilar Cáceres-Reche, Granada (Spain).

PaleoTV, NeoTV and MetaTV in US drama series

Anna Tous-Rovirosa, Barcelona (Spain).

Television, attitudes, and drugs in adolescents: Research on their effects

María-Luisa Sevillano-García, Madrid (Spain), María-del-Pilar González-Flores, Xalapa (Mexico) & Luis Rey-Yedra, Xalapa (Mexico).

Latin American journalism: A review of five decades and a proposal for a model of analysis

Claudia Mellado-Ruiz, Concepción (Chile).

Televisual teenager phenomena. Adolescent prototypes in TV series in Spain

Virginia Guarinos-Galán, Sevilla (Spain).

Multimedia and reading ways: a state of the art

Javier Díaz-Noci, Barcelona (Spain).

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