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Vol. XXII, No. 43, 2nd semester, July 2014

Media Prosumers

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01 Media literacy education for a new prosumer citizenship

Rosa García-Ruiz, Santander (Spain), Antonia Ramírez-García, Córdoba (Spain) & María-del-Mar Rodríguez-Rosell, Murcia (Spain).

02 Online and mobilized students: The use of Facebook in the Chilean student protests

Cristian Cabalín-Quijada, Santiago de Chile (Chile).

03 Engaged youth in Internet. The role of social networks in social active participation

Mª-Carmen García-Galera, Madrid (Spain), Mercedes del-Hoyo-Hurtado, Madrid (Spain) & Cristóbal Fernández-Muñoz, Madrid (Spain).

04 Internet as a haven and social shield. Problematic uses of the network by young Spaniards

Flávia Gomes-Franco-Silva, Madrid (Spain) & José-Carlos Sendín-Gutiérrez, Madrid (Spain).

05 News consumption among Chilean adolescents: Interest, motivations and perceptions on the news agenda

Ana-Rayén Condeza-Dall’Orso, Santiago de Chile (Chile), Ingrid Bachmann-Cáceres, Santiago de Chile (Chile) & Constanza Mujica-Holley, Santiago de Chile (Chile).

06 Media prosumers in political communication: Politainment on YouTube

Salomé Berrocal-Gonzalo, Valladolid (Spain), Eva Campos-Domínguez, Valladolid (Spain) & Marta Redondo-García, Valladolid (Spain).

07 Young people as users of branded applications on mobile devices

Francisco-Javier Ruiz-del-Olmo, Málaga (Spain) & Ana-María Belmonte-Jiménez, Málaga (Spain).

08 Active audiences: Social audience participation in television

Natalia Quintas-Froufe, La Coruña (Spain) & Ana González-Neira, La Coruña (Spain).

09 Active audiences in the regulation of the audiovisual media. Consumer versus citizen in Spain and Mexico

Carmen Fuente-Cobo, Madrid (Spain), Juan-María Martínez-Otero, Valencia (Spain) & Rogelio del-Prado-Flores, Huixquilucan (Mexico).

10 Knowledge and assessment of crowdfunding in communication. The view of journalists and future journalists

María Sánchez-González, Málaga (Spain) & María-Bella Palomo-Torres, Málaga (Spain).

11 Media education and Brazilian educational policies for the enhancement of learning

Alexandra Bujokas-de-Siqueira, Uberaba (Brazil) & Danilo Rothberg, Bauru (Brazil).

12 Educating teens about the risks on social network sites. An intervention study in Secondary Education

Ellen Vanderhoven, Gante (Belgium), Tammy Schellens, Gante (Belgium) & Martin Valcke, Gante (Belgium).

13 The digital divide in the university: The appropriation of ICT in Higher Education students from Bogota, Colombia

Cristian Berrío-Zapata, Marília (Brazil) & Hernando Rojas-Hernández, Madison (United States).

14 Managing creativity in collaborative virtual learning environments e: A DL corporate project

Felipe Chibás-Ortíz, São Paulo (Brazil), Gerardo Borroto-Carmona, La Habana (Cuba) & Fernando Almeida-Santos, São Paulo (Brazil).

15 eRubrics in cooperative assessment of learning at university

Manuel Cebrián-de-la-Serna, Málaga (Spain), José Serrano-Angulo, Málaga (Spain) & Mayerly Ruiz-Torres, Málaga (Spain).

16 Use of the Internet in educative informal contexts. Implication for formal education

Sebastiano Costa, Messina (Italy), Francesca Cuzzocrea, Messina (Italy) & Antonella Nuzzaci, L'Aquila (Italy).

17 Perceived social support as a factor of rural women’s digital inclusion in online social networks

María-Ángelez Rebollo-Catalán, Sevilla (Spain) & Alba Vico-Bosch, Sevilla (Spain).

18 Adolescent television consumers: Self-perceptions about their rights

María-Ángeles Espinosa-Bayal, Madrid (Spain), Esperanza Ochaíta-Alderete, Madrid (Spain) & Héctor Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Madrid (Spain).

19 Common uses of Facebook among adolescents from different social sectors in Buenos Aires city

Joaquín Linne, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

20 The key elements of viral advertising. From motivation to emotion in the most shared videos

Alberto Dafonte-Gómez, Vigo (Spain).

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