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Vol. XIII, No. 26, 1st semester, 3 2006

Communication for Health

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Literates and knowledge: the digital literacy

Diego Levis, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Media Education as a basis for civic education

Fernando Tucho-Fernández, Madrid (Spain).

Media education, TIC education: some reflections from Latin America

Patricia Cortés-de-Cervantes, Lovaina (Belgium).

Interactive digital TV and its learning tools

Antonia-Alejandra González-Gómez, México D.F. (Mexico) & Karla Jiménez-Comrie, Ciudad de Panamá (Panama).

Media, identities and communication. A community radio experience with native wichí people

Jorge-A. Huergo, La Plata (Argentina), Kevin Morawicki, Buenos Aires (Argentina) & Lourdes Ferreyra, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Colour as a communicative element, an issue on its acceptance or rejection among young people

Jesús del-Olmo-Barbero, Madrid (Spain).

Telepsychodrama and school education: a teachers´talk

Heloísa Dupas-Penteado, São Paulo (Brazil).

Discourse and socialization in children´s cinematographic productions

Alejandra Martínez, Córdoba (Argentina) & Aldo Merlino, Córdoba (Argentina).

Televisión and viewers: the civil society is changing

Mariano Segura-Escobar, Madrid (Spain).

Treatment of women image in Venezuelan TV spots

Isabel-Francis Velásquez-de-León, Caracas (Venezuela).

The protagonism of the mass media in student’s education

Humberto Martínez-Fresneda-Osorio, Madrid (Spain).

Women´s images in «Telva», a women´s magazine

Meritxell Roca-i-Sales, Barcelona (Spain).

Critical reading in the Internet: assessment and aplication of its resources

Beatriz Fainholc, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The outdated Disney world: A proposal of critical analysis to work on at school

Patricia Digón-Regueiro, A Coruña (Spain).

Sociability and identity in virtu@ls universes. The digitalization of reality in the new XXIst century generations

Tatiana Millán-Paredes, Badajoz (Spain).

The interactive multimedia story

José-María Perceval-Verde, Barcelona (Spain) & Santiago Tejedor, Barcelona (Spain).

Use of teaching resources for reading and writing in preschoolers in Venezuela

María-Elena Garassini, Caracas (Venezuela) & Julio Cabero-Almenara, Sevilla (Spain).

The spanish participation in international projects of communication

Francisco Sacristán-Romero, Madrid (Spain).

Media, education and reality

Verónica Marín-Díaz, Córdoba (Spain).

Press as resource in the adult curriculum

María-del-Carmen Ricoy-Lorenzo, Ourense (Spain).

Mass media, non-formal education and social representations on violence

Ángel Liceras-Ruiz, Granada (Spain).

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