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Vol. XXII, No. 44, 1st semester, January 2015

Moocs in Education

Thematic Editors

Dr. Manuel Cebrián-de-la-Serna - University of Malaga - Spain

Dr. Philip Desenne - Harvard University - USA

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01 Literature and practice: A critical review of MOOCs

Andrés Chiappe-Laverde, Bogotá (Colombia), Nicolás Hine, Dundee (United Kingdom) & José-Andrés Martínez-Silva, Bogotá (Colombia).

02 Design, motivation and performance in a cooperative MOOC course

Carlos Castaño-Garrido, Bilbao (Spain), Inmaculada Maiz-Olazabalaga, Bilbao (Spain) & Urtza Garay-Ruiz, Bilbao (Spain).

03 A study on the pedagogical components of massive online courses

Manuela Raposo-Rivas, Ourense (Spain), María-Esther Martínez-Figueira, Pontevedra (Spain) & José-Antonio Sarmiento-Campos, Ourense (Spain).

04 Challenges in the creation, development and implementation of MOOCs: Web Science course at the university of Southampton

Maria-del-Mar Sánchez-Vera, Murcia (Spain), Manuel León-Urrutia, Southampton (United Kingdom) & Hugh Davis, Southampton (United Kingdom).

05 Annotations and the ancient greek hero: Past, present, and future

Leonard Muellner, Washington DC (United States).

06 Usability and satisfaction in multimedia annotation tools for MOOCs

Juan-José Monedero-Moya, Málaga (Spain), Daniel Cebrián-Robles, Talentia (United States) & Philip Desenne, Boston (United States).

07 A digital repository of filmic content as a teaching resource

Miguel-Ángel Tobías-Martínez, Paraná (Brazil), María-do-Carmo Duarte-Freitas, Paraná (Brazil) & Avanilde Kemczinski, Santa Catarina (Brazil).

08 Analysis and implications of the impact of MOOC movement in the scientific community: JCR and Scopus (2010-13)

Eloy López-Meneses, Sevilla (Spain), Esteban Vázquez-Cano, Madrid (Spain) & Pedro Román-Graván, Sevilla (Spain).

09 Evaluation of digital didactic skills in massive open online courses: A contribution to the Latin American movement

Erika-Elvira Hernández-Carranza, Michoacán (Mexico), Sandra-Irene Romero-Corella, Hermosillo (Mexico) & María-Soledad Ramírez-Montoya, Monterrey (Mexico).

10 Are MOOCs promising learning environments?

Antonio-Ramón Bartolomé-Pina, Barcelona (Spain) & Karl Steffens, Köln (Germany).

11 Academic plagiarism among secondary and High School students: Differences in gender and procrastination

Jaume Sureda-Negre, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Ruben Comas-Forgas, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) & Miquel-Francesc Oliver-Trobat, Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

12 Internet use habits and risk behaviours in preadolescence

Javier Fernández-Montalvo, Pamplona (Spain), María-Alicia Peñalva-Vélez, Pamplona (Spain) & Itziar Irazabal, Pamplona (Spain).

13 Young learners’ objectives related to multimedia use and homework completion

Erdem Öngün, Estambul (Turkey) & Askin Demirag, Estambul (Turkey).

14 Forms of media convergence and multimedia content . A Romanian perspective

Georgeta Drula, Bucarest (Romania).

15 ARG (Alternate reality games). Contributions, limitations, and potentialities to the service of the teaching at the university level

Teresa Piñeiro-Otero, A Coruña (Spain) & Carmen Costa-Sánchez, A Coruña (Spain).

16 The undesired effects of digital communication on moral response

Isidoro Arroyo-Almaraz, Madrid (Spain) & Raúl Gómez-Díaz, Madrid (Spain).

17 Cyberbullying trough mobile phone and the Internet in dating relationships among youth people

Mercedes Durán-Segura, Sevilla (Spain) & Roberto Martínez-Pecino, Sevilla (Spain).

18 Influence of placement on explicit and implicit memory of college students

Leslier Valenzuela-Fernández, Santiago de Chile (Chile), Carolina Martínez-Troncoso, Santiago de Chile (Chile) & Felipe Yáñez-Wieland, Santiago de Chile (Chile).

19 Categorization, item selection and implementation of an online digital literacy test as media literacy indicator

Jon Dornaleteche-Ruiz, Segovia (Spain), Alejandro Buitrago-Alonso, Segovia (Spain) & Luisa Moreno-Cardenal, Segovia (Spain).

20 Teaching media literacy in colleges of education and communication

Laura López-Romero, Málaga (Spain) & María-de-la-Cinta Aguaded-Gómez, Huelva (Spain).

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